How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature?

Almost everyone today uses social media. But have you ever tried to add your social media (like Facebook or Instagram) icons in your email signature? Some of us may have tried to do so. However, it is possible that you felt clueless about how to do it and could not add your social media icons.

So, with this article, you can easily add your social media icons to your email signature and create a professional look. You will also learn how to add different types of social media icons. So, let us get into it.

How to Add Facebook Icon in an Email Signature?

You can add the Facebook icon to your email signature in simple steps. All you need to do is follow the steps correctly. Remember to save the social media icons to your computer before including them in a signature.

Adding Facebook Icon to your Email Signature will help to increase your SEO rankings and ultimately grow your customer base.

Step 1: To add social media, click Home > New Email (In the Mail View) to create a new email.

Step 2: Click Insert > Signatures to open the Signatures and Stationery dialogue box in the new Message window.

Step 3: Select the Signature to which you will add social media symbols in the Select Signature to edit section of the Signatures and Stationery dialogue box, and then click the Image button in the Edit signature section.

Step 4: Locate and choose the Facebook icon in the Insert Picture dialogue box, then click the Insert button.

Step 5: Keep the selected Facebook icon and press the Hyperlink button.

Step 6: Type the web address for your Facebook page into the Address box in the opening dialogue box, then click the OK button. And you are done.

With these 6 simple steps, you are done adding the Facebook icon to your email signature.

How to Add Twitter Icon in an Email Signature?

You can easily add links to your Twitter profile to your email signature with a few easy steps. It will help clients and customers have a personal connection with you. Make sure you follow all steps carefully.

Like Facebook, there is a benefit of adding a Twitter icon in the outlook email signature. Utilizing Twitter icons in email signature layouts will boost your online visibility and consumer interaction, inspire more followers, and drive more traffic to your website.

Step 1: Pick New Email from the Home tab of the email provider of your choice.

Step 2: Select Signatures from the Insert option on the Message tab.

Step 3: Select the name you want to change in the Edit signature box under the email Signature template.

Step 4: Add a new line below the existing Signature in the Edit signature text box.

Step 5: Choose the picture button, go to the folder where you saved the Twitter icon, and then choose the icon.

Step 6: Choose Insert > Hyperlink

Step 7: In the Address box, enter the web address for the social network account that corresponds to the icon, and then choose OK.

Step 8: After entering the web address, Choose OK to finish modifying the new Signature.

Step 9: Once again, choose Signature from the Insert option on the Message tab, located in the message body, and then select your updated Signature. And then you are done.

How to Add LinkedIn Icon in an Email Signature?

LinkedIn is another social media that allows you to add an icon to your signature. Linkedin is a professional social media where almost every job seeker person is present. Adding a Linkedin icon to your Outlook email signature will help you regularly drive more people to your profile. It will provide better opportunities for networking and furthering your career.

Just follow the below-mentioned easy steps for adding the Linkedin icon.

Step 1: Click on the settings page of your email provider after signing in to your email account.

Step 2: There will be a display of a brand-new pop-up containing all your email settings for this computer.

Step 3: On the left side of this pop-up window, there are various tabs, one of which reads “Email.” Then, the provider will take you to your email settings when you click this tab.

Step 4: You’ll see the word “Signature” in the headline on the following screen.

Step 5: Click the button next to the headline. A new page where you can add a signature to your emails will now appear in Outlook.

Step 6: You will see on the left the different profiles you are working on within the program. Select the profile to which you want to add the email signature

Step 7: When you reach the large white box where you can type your preferred email signature, scroll down to view it.

Step 8: It is recommended to start simple if you do not currently have an email signature template. Indicate your name, position title, and employer.

Step 9: Add a line that reads, “Connect with me on LinkedIn” below. Select the text and paste it into the white box.

Step 10: To open the link, click the small globe-shaped icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 11: Copy the link and paste it into the box using your notepad.

Step 12: To save your new email signature, click save on the link and save on the screen, and your next step is done.

Step 13: Your new email signature, which includes a link to your LinkedIn page, will now appear in all your emails. And now your work of adding the LinkedIn icon to your signature is done.


If you have added a social media icon to your email signature, more people can connect to you and your network will be increased. And Anyone can add different social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn icons in their email Signature.

You must follow the steps mentioned above carefully, and you can successfully add these icons to your email signature.