How to design the perfect marijuana logo in minutes?


Are you into marijuana, cannabis, or weed business? Well, the next step you should take is branding, and the logo is the most crucial element of your business. Marijuana icons have been used in logo designs for ages. It is used in medicine, health and wellness, and herb businesses. But there is no specific rule that only these businesses can use the marijuana logo. You can use this as an element of your logo design, regardless of your industry. Since marijuana leaf is used in the logo design industry frequently, you need to be double-sure that you are not repeating any existing design nor seem to be pirating any other brand while considering including marijuana in your logo design. Of course, there is a charm in the leaf shape, but as it has been a part of numerous logos to date, you must be vigilant while finalizing a design.

Why choose a marijuana logo?

There is a specific significance of everything in different philosophies. The pointed leaf shape of marijuana also has different symbolizations. Whether you know it or are just attracted to its beautiful shape, you should be clear about what you wish to represent through your logo. It can be simply because your brand name carries words like a leaf, greens, or something like that, and you choose this weed leaf as your symbol. Or there might be a healing or wellness message you wish to convey to your customers. Whatever your reason, first, focus on being legit and authentic.

 Here are a few steps that you can follow:

1. The Marijuana Icon

The easiest and most convenient way to use the pointed leaf shape is to use it as the icon of your logo design. It can be at the heart of the design or a part of it, as you find it best. But the point is that what do you want it to symbolize by adding marijuana to your logo? Another point to be focused on here is what is your target consumer range, and whom do you want to approach through your logo? The marijuana leaf would remain the same, but your creativity will extract meaning from it.

If you own a medical product business, let the marijuana be naturally green and play around it with fonts, colors, and other small elements; you can also use the medical symbol for better Clarity of your business motto. If you are a beauty and wellness brand, you can use a hand-drawn type leaf symbol/ icon. You can be more playful if you’re designing it as your food or beverage brand logo. Similarly, relying on your senses will make it out.

2. Select Fonts Wisely

If you use the marijuana logo as the core of your medical business branding, you should go for professional and sleek-looking fonts representing your trust and Clarity. It would be best to attract young and recreational consumers for the food and beverages business. Then, you can use funky and bold fonts; for the clothing or beauty industry, handwritten-like fonts hit differently.

3. Colors For Clarity of Your Marijuana Logo Design

Since you are using a leaf as your logo design element, the first color you could think of must be green. But it is not necessary to fall for the same. You can use colors as per your business niche and your target consumers. No doubt green goes well, and the various shades of green are there for you to choose from. Most of the time, you should prioritize green. Still, if you represent a nonconventional business front and use a weed as your clothing, real estate brand logo, or anything exceptional, you can experiment with colors. Think of browns, oranges, black, or anything that resonates with your business motto.

Even if you choose a shade of green, you can add secondary colors to your design. The logo and graphic design tools you would be using are well-versed in making color combinations. All you have to do is think of a color appropriate to communicate your brand value and purpose.

4. A good Layout

Once you select your design’s elements, fonts, colors, etc., take time to work out a nice layout. See that your logo design fits all sizes since it will be used on brochures, social media profiles, email signatures, merchandise, etc., so work out a layout that can easily catch all the formats. Keep it from being very ‘decorated’ as those will not be distinguished on smaller proportions. The tools you’ll use to create your logo will give you many options. Go through them deeply while deciding on a layout too.

5. Proportion is Crucial

You will have to work on putting all the elements in the perfect proportion of sizes. See to it that your primary element is not overshadowed by any other. Also, check whether the arrangement you have curated is the best possible. Try out different orders to be sure.

Decide whether the marijuana icon you have chosen is the main element or a complementary one, and treat it accordingly. Your logo-generating tool usually gives you a ‘preview’ option. Consider it important to preview your logo before hitting the print/ download button.


Almost all the graphic design tools on the web bag a few marijuana leaf icons in their database. When we discuss the marijuana logo, it has to be very clear that we are talking about a classic logo element. If you find an old newspaper, you can find different advertisements for various products, and the marijuana logo can be found on multiple brand logos. So, while creating such a logo, focus on authenticity and uniqueness first.

Also, be clear about your vision. What is your brand all about? Why does there have to be a marijuana leaf on the logo? You can easily show how bold your brand is when you flaunt a marijuana logo unconventionally. Sectors like medicine and wellness, food, and lifestyle are the native regions of the marijuana sign. But apart from that, you can use it anywhere you wish if you have a bold vision and a valid reason. Clothing, stationary, cosmetics, real estate, and whatnot? The classic can look good anywhere. All you need is the proper alignment of your logo design elements.