How to Get a Custom Vehicle Wrap Design Online

It won’t be wrong to say that the grace of vehicle wraps has never been this much ever before. The graphic design creation on a vehicle, be it a car segment or a bike; people have become fond of customizing their ride. And this has led to creating an idea of designing products for small businesses. In other words this is a way to advertise different things using the space of personal vehicles. And now this has also become commercialized and you can see them on larger automobiles. Therefore people have started looking for better and better designs for their vehicle so that it looks good and serves its purpose as well.

To start with you have to understand that there are several vehicle wraps that are made of printed vinyl stickers and then they are stuck on the surface of the vehicle. But designing that graphic and the placement of all the elements on that sticker is very important. And there is when you need an expert. Therefore there are multiple things that have to be kept in mind before you take up a project of vehicle wrapping.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind during or before starting to design a vehicle wrap design.

  1. Gathering information

So starting off, you have to be very accurate in whatever things you are designing, be it the spelling of the information that has to be put up. Therefore even one needs to go through an extensive process of information gathering. The more you understand and research the better it will become for you to create an accurate template. This is going to be the first step towards wrapping design creation. More importantly if you design an accurate template file, it will make your rest things easier. Which means you will be comfortably creating scalable designs for the vehicle.

Also for your additional information the wrap files are complex and large. Which is why you might be charged somewhere between $75 per hour to $250 per hour in total. If you are working for someone else, the ideal situation is where your client provides you with the template of the car’s blueprint. This makes things easier and you would be able to create a 100% accurate template.

  1. Look for inspirations

Once you have sorted the accuracy and template the next thing is getting ideas. This happens to be one of the most important things for Even a person who designs a vehicle wrap online. In the last step, you have gathered all the required technical information and it’s time to think about the design. And also how creative you can be. The color combination and what actually can be done to make things look great. Here you can also look into the stock photos with high-resolution to make things better for the viewer.

  1. Creating the design

After you have gathered all the information and have seen multiple inspirations, sources; we suggest you should now get into the creating mode. You can use multiple platforms to get your sketch ready. You can also try to do the designing or sketching part in the template file itself. But a lot of designers prefer creating their styles and designs on the vehicle itself. For which they download a high-quality image of the car or vehicle and start sketching directly on it.

This not only helps them to make things accurate and precise but also gives them a better understanding on what the outcome will look like. And once you have sketched things on the vehicle itself you will be able to present it directly to your client or customer. A lot of time and effort will be saved in the direct process.

  1. Applying the design to template

 Once your design is ready the next thing is to create a printing template and then give it to the Weikel printers. Although there are multiple ways of doing this process, most weaker printers prefer accepting the AI files or PSD. Apart from this you should keep a few basic things in mind to refrain from any problem. A few important ones are mentioned here:

  • It is better if your document color mode remains CMYK.
  • The scale on which your document should be created must be in the 1:10 ratio and the ppi must be set at 720.
  • You only have a choice to use raster images and photos with high resolution. If they are not part of your design; it will depend on you.
  • Do not forget to convert all the fonts into outlines. 
  • Ensure that each graph graphic is labeled and organized separately. And they should be in separate layers. Each of them should also have a sub layer.
  • It is ideally preferred that each piece of template has 5-10 bleeds. This will make wrapping around the edges sharp and easier.

These are 4 important tips that will help you in creating an app design or even selecting one easier. But apart from this you should also keep some guides in your mind to create a better car wrap. We are listing down a few of them so that you can include them while designing or looking at a design.

  • Make sure you do not design your template in a vacuum which means inspiration before creation is very important. And the same thing has been already mentioned in the point above. With an extensive explanation and understanding about it.
  • The design principles including the visuals should be good enough, irrespective of the vehicle you are designing for.
  • Picking the right text, font, color, size, and combination is also very important. You have to do that in resonation with the car and its color.
  • Do not forget to make it easily digestible and there should be enough business branding done on it.

These happened to be a few very important things that you should consider in your “graphic design” session. While designing an intuitive and beautiful vehicle wrap you should keep all of these things in mind to get a result of your choice. And also consider using the right designing platform to get hands-on experience for the same. There are multiple small and big things that have to be considered and just aligning the ones that are given above will help you in achieving better results.