Top 10 Tips to Get You Started with Vehicle Wrap Designs

When it comes to small business, car wrap designs is considered to be a very important job. It is a very critical, loved, and important profile that has picked up a lot of momentum in a few past years. And in the future it will be getting even better. Its recognition is extending and grasping not only the customers but even the designers. Also people have started understanding the utility of the side panels of the vehicles. 

Many influencers and bloggers also utilize this space to tell people about their channels and social media handles. Similarly a lot of things have started being used in such areas. Which was for previously just a showcasing spot has now turned into an advertising agent. Therefore here or 10 top tips to get your vehicle wrap design started. You can consider them as you’re stepping stones to get into this business.

  1. Understanding the Vehicle type

The first thing that you will have to consider before setting up a small business whether off-line or online, is to shortlist the vehicle types. Surely you can elaborate the number of options afterwards. But initially it is always preferred to offer a hands down experience to your customers in a smaller group of vehicles. Therefore you will have to first consider your passion and then pick up the type of vehicles you are going to wrap.

  1. Gathering the information

You might already be well aware of the basics and a few important things about the vehicles you’re going to wrap. Or are going to design the wraps for. But we suggest you should always gather templates and proper information on those vehicles. If it’s a car or a bike, you should look into the curves, edges, model, area offered for wrapping, and a few more things. This will help you in getting an extensive understanding on what has to be done. 

  1. Inspiration is also needed

Inspiration and finding the right inspiration at two different things. But it is very important for you to have inspiration before starting up with your wrap designs. The designs that you are going to create are very important as they will be an advertising copy. Therefore defining their outlines and the message, you will have to consider creating something which is not already present. In order to get that, you should consider having a look at people who have already worked on this.

  1. Tell about your company

Now once your basics are clear, let’s take things up a notch. If you happen to understand the requirement of a vehicle wrap, you will get to know that it’s all about promotions. People who get the vehicle wrapped have only one thing in mind and that is to promote their company. So whatever design you think, the elements that you include, all of it has to pitch for the company. And it should attract the customers and let them know about the brand.

  1. Keeping the measurements right

There are a few important measurements that have to be considered before you start getting into the designing part. For example the design ratio should be 1:10 and the document PP I should be set at 7:20. Focusing on 5 to 10 leads in every template piece is ideal. These are some of multiple things that you must know before starting out the designing part.

  1. Don’t bank on the digital template alone

Many designers make a mistake where they blindly and completely depend on the digital template alone. If You Are designing a wrap for a vehicle which you haven’t seen in person before; we suggest you should change that. There are a lot of key dimensions and information that you might not get on the digital canvas. Whereas when you have a look at the vehicle in person, you will get to know it better.

  1. Avoid rushing into the designing part

For those who are starting out this is one of the most important tips that should be learnt by heart. Never rush into designing the wraps; rather you should take smaller steps first. Understand what is being asked, what can be done, and what should be done. Find the fine line difference between these and then go for designing the wrap.

  1. Use an easy to understand tool

Now this might be something that the designer would prefer to remain in his or her court. But we highly suggest that one should not go for complex software or applications. Rather you should always bank on the applications that have better handling and are easier to understand. There are many software, websites, and applications like Mybrandly, Adobe, and Lightroom- we suggest you should explore your options and then select the best amongst them.

  1. Don’t overcrowd your design

Being a designer it’s your responsibility to make something that is easily understood and uncluttered. The design that you have created should be eye-catching, colorful and unconventional to an extent. This means all the elements that you are going to include in the design should look presentable and relentless. In order to make the wrap extra colorful and dynamic do not over crowd this space. Which means putting something which isn’t required or not looking great. 

Therefore experts always considered to use the space in the best way possible and include minimal elements. Another reason why this is important is because you would not want to confuse or repel your customers. Rather they should understand your brand even with a glimpse.

  1. Do not put many copies

Being the designer you do not only have to consider and keep in mind in creating cluttered designs. But also avoid over expressive designs as well. This means if you put on too many copies on your wrap; this will work against your brand. It will steer away the customers because overexpressing yourself will also be a problem which should not happen. So, these last two points have to be kept in mind and work on them simultaneously. Which will not let any of them slip your mind.


Be it a car or a bike, the site space can be used as an advertising spot. This is the reason why many individuals have started creating designs for this space. and many owners have started using it for their benefit. There happened to be a lot of brands who pay the car owners for keeping their logos and other things on their side panels. 

So you can also plan on a few things if required and interested. Look for a logo design, websites, application, software, or a designer itself. And use your sides to showcase things that you want.